Workforce Solutions

Better care for all starts with better workforce management. And better workforce management means better staff engagement.

McKesson Workforce Solutions is a unique portfolio comprising of systems and services designed to realise and accelerate the full benefits of the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) as the strategic workforce management system. We support the NHS to operate more efficiently and safely; enabling them to achieve maximum value for money by encouraging them to make the most of their existing resources - human, financial and technological.

Our solutions not only empower employees to be more independent, to own and manage their own data as well as their own training and development; but we also support organisations by providing outstanding client services as well as award winning HR, payroll and pensions services that are contactable 24/7.

We help improve the flow of information and increase automation, to facilitate informed decision making through better access to and management of workforce information on a national, organisational and individual level.  We're supporting the UK healthcare system to deliver high quality care, whilst increasing efficiency and productivity. But we're also providing the means to help attract, develop and retain the best staff to deliver this challenge.

We have a proven track record, and our staff possess unparalleled workforce expertise, most of it gained from the implementation of ESR. Our teams have a deep seated understanding of the complexities and scale surrounding the NHS, as well as a long history of working in partnership with them nationally and locally.

A flexible, robust, worldclass workforce is crucial to be able to deliver results and adapt to the challenges of the future. 


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